We Are WordPress Ninjas

Let us lower your costs by using WordPress while retaining the functionality required to manage advanced marketing campaigns.

WordPress Ninjas

You can’t just hire anyone to do handle your WordPress development. Here’s a list of important things to consider when hiring a firm:


  • Does the agency have some example work they can share?
  • Can you speak to any of their previous clients?
  • How complex are the previous projects?



  • Does a plugin already exist that we could utilise?
  • If we do purchase a plugin how much customisation is required?
  • If there is a plugin is it from a widely reputed company?


  • How many developers will be put on our project?
  • What sort of experience do they have in WordPress development?
  • How are the developers in terms of hitting timelines for projects?


  • How is the project delivery versus milestones being managed?
  • What will be the payment arrangement for the milestones?



  • How are we managing the cost? Will it be total project or hourly?
  • What are the payment terms for the WordPress project?


  • How are we measuring success for the WordPress development?
  • Are we aligning this dev. project to business performance?
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